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Pokemon Ultimate is a free rpg which allows you to rp as a pokemon or a trainer.
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 Admin rules

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PostSubject: Admin rules   Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:03 pm

These rules are only applied to Admin any Admin that break these rules will lose their Admin Status and one of the consequences depending on what they have done.

- All Admin must ask me to ban or delete other members of the site and provide reasons why they need to be banned or have their account deleted (if I dont believe the reason is not deresving a ban i wont do it).

- Admin can approve Bio’s but they have to be set out correctly as shown in one of the example Bio if you are not sure on a bio just ask me and i will sort it out. ( if i do not find the bio suitable i will unapprove that bio and remove your status if you keep approving incorrect bio's) also dont approve of a rare pokemons bio because only i will know the number of places left for that pokemon.

- Admin must not take advantage of their status this will be unfair to other members.

-Admin must make sure any battle they see is fair to both players report it to me and ask the members to pause the battle (if your not sure dont pause the battle I'll sort it out just tell me where the battle is).

-Only i can approve of a trainer changing their rank.

- Admin must follow the other rules I placed before this would be unfair on every on everyone if Admin could choose which rules to follow.
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Admin rules
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