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Pokemon Ultimate is a free rpg which allows you to rp as a pokemon or a trainer.
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Every member must follow these rules.

- Be respectful to others; no hateful or abusive content

- If you want me to create a group for you and others message me, telling me the name of the group, what the group is for and if anyone else is after joining you in that group (if i agree i will set it up also i am after setting up groups for team rocket, team aqua and other criminal groups in the games however until I find people that want to be in that group i wont set them up)

-You cannot catch Pokémon that you have made up they have to be a member of this site you can however make up Pokémon to battle in the locations.

- like in Pokémon games as you battle you will gain experience points admin will keep note of this so when you/your Pokémon gain a level they will tell you so the Pokémon can update their bio.

- all trainers must start out as a 'normal trainer' then you can apply to me to become a 'youngster', 'Bug Catcher', 'hiker', 'ace trainer', 'grunt', 'lass', ect (these should normally be accepted quickly as they are all lower ranks(NOTE:THE HIGHER THE RANK THE HARDER TO GET IT (e.g. gym leaders , Elite Four, Pokémon League champions are all high ranks) HOWEVER IF I THINK YOU CAN FILL OUT THAT POSITION I WILL ASK IF YOU ARE INTERSTED IN IT SO YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE TO APPLY))

- pokemon must not start out at a too high level or your bio wont be approved ( maximum starting level 25). your bio can always be edited so that you can raise your level as you gain expericence but if it raises too quickly (or you increase it without gaining experience or go into the daycare) you'll be asked to decrease you level.

- No force catching wilkd pokemon if they dont want to become your pokemon they dont have to.

- Pokémon mustn’t be invincible, so in a battle keep it realistic if your fighting a higher level pokemon be prepared to give in and lose however this doesnt mean you have to lose to stronger pokemon (just be prepared for taking alot more damage). (This includes rare Pokémon if an admin or mod thinks your acting invincible they will step in)

- If you have any problems with any other members tell me so I can deal with it. DON’T DO IT YOURSELF.

- You must make a Bio of a Pokémon/trainer before you can role play. Please look at the template bio if you don’t know how to set out the bio, you may add any other info you want but it must include whats in the template.

- If you want to rp as a character from Pokémon make sure no one else is rp as that character (this dose not include Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy or Pokémon) also if you want to rp as a rare Pokémon please check the list on ‘Character Template's’ because there’s a limited number of places for a rare Pokémon.

- Don't spam or advertise in a role-play topic because all advertisement messages will be deleted.

- I take suggestions on how I can improve this site but don’t tell me how to run it. I will only take serious polite requests into consideration.

- Only a Admin can approve members Bio’s if some one approves your Bio and their not an Admin ignore it.

- Do not double post, if it needs changing just edit it there will be an edit button above your message.

- Adult content and foul language is not allowed and will be removed this site is a PG-13 so anything considered above this will be deleted.

- Do not bother or annoy any Admin on this site we all lead our own lives as well. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask us questions.

- you can only rp as one character at a time if you want to change character tell me and ill remove your old bio so you can add a new one, you can edit your name if you click on the profile button but tell me if your switching character.

- If you no longer wish to be a member of this site send me a message and I will delete your account as soon as possible. It won’t be fair if someone else wants to be the character you no longer want you can always rejoin the site again if you want to come back but you will have to start over.

- If you want to be a criminal character, like a team rocket member, ask me first for permission and also be aware actions have consequences. So when role-playing your character expect to be punished by member role-playing as the good guy/girl.

- if you’re a criminal character you must have an admin’s permission to attack a town/city/village. (The admin you ask won’t warn others on the site what you’re planning to do its just so we know your not abusing other people on the site)

- During battle try to use as much detail as possible. You also can’t say that your Pokémon attack has hit the other Pokémon give the other person’s to prevent them from dodging. If you believe that your opponent it being unfair report it to an admin. How ever we admin will keep an eye out for if that battle is turning unfair. People that are making battles unfair will be banned! Admin can stop the match if its unfair. during gym, elite four and league battles will have judges to watch the battle.

-Your name on this site must be your characters name for example Pokémon will go by their Pokémon’s name like ‘Pikachu’ if some one is the same Pokémon as you, you can add to the name like ‘Pikachu2’. Trainers must go by their characters name as well for example ‘Ash’ people whose name is not the same as their characters must change it. To do this click profile then in ‘Registration Information’ it has a section called ‘username: *’with you name in it so just change it there. Any names that do not follow this rule will not have their bio accepted even if their right. If you still refuse to change the name your account will be removed.

- HM/TM’s must be taught by the trainer (must be done in a role-play) to the Pokémon once this has been done the Pokémon who has had the HM/TM must add a ‘HM/TM’s learned’ to their character profile where the Pokémon will write underneath what:
-TM/HM number
-TM/HM name
(Look at Example Pokémon bio 2 (HM/TM) to see how this is set out)


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