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Pokemon Ultimate is a free rpg which allows you to rp as a pokemon or a trainer.
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 Shaymin in...Pallet Town?

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PostSubject: Shaymin in...Pallet Town?   Sat Mar 19, 2011 11:23 am

Shaymin wandered around, looking for someone to take care of it. It felt sad, not having a trainer. Of course, it was happy to be a legendary Pokemon, but it didn't want to be free. It didn't want to fend for itself - it wanted a trainer it could rely on. Somebody who would be there for it. Shaymin looked around and spotted a house with an open door. It headed towards that open door, but nobody was there. It climbed up the stairs and reached another open door, which lead to a bedroom. Nobody was there, but Shaymin decided to take a nap. It had been exploring for the day and was quite tired, so it went to sleep and forgot about the sadness it had of not having a trainer.

The next morning, Shaymin decided to explore. It set off to find a Pokemon trainer.
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Shaymin in...Pallet Town?
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