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Pokemon Ultimate is a free rpg which allows you to rp as a pokemon or a trainer.
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 Flash Flood's epiphany

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PostSubject: Flash Flood's epiphany   Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:04 pm

It was 3:00 AM, Leo had passed out after drinking his "last" bottle of vodka. In his dream, he saw a bearded man with wolf-like short hair, and bronze skin. The man spoke in a short mellow tone "Hello my son, I'm assuming you know who I am.". Leo nodded in response. "I know you are unhappy, and have a... questionable past, but you are forgiven. Go off, leave again, pursue your dreams" The man fades out, and Leo wakes up in his room sweating and panting. He quickly dresses, packing everything, including a pokedex, 2 poke balls, a great ball, and several bags of jerky. He picks up a gun, and thinks for a split second, unsure of his decision, but he holsters his gun anyway, and leaves. "Where are you going with so many things?" his mother asks "I thought you've given up being a trainer". He does not acknowledge her, and leaves out the door.
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Flash Flood's epiphany
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