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Pokemon Ultimate is a free rpg which allows you to rp as a pokemon or a trainer.
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 Temporary Non-Player characters

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PostSubject: Temporary Non-Player characters   Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:14 pm

There is obviously a deficiency of players on this board (or atleast that have signed up). With me being the only trainer character on the forum, it's going to be a little complicated, and mundane, as there is no competition, nor are there Pokemon to catch. So I was thinking that you should post details on a specific area, what can be caught there, and what can't be, but lock the post, so noone can comment on it, editing these posts when a new event comes up or the season changes, and new Pokemon are available.
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PostSubject: Re: Temporary Non-Player characters   Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:25 am

im sorry but it'll be hard for me to put what pokemon will be in what area because i cant tell our pokemon members where to go to be caught pokemon you will try and catch are the members roleplaying as pokemon (the ones without trainers) so to catch them either introduct yourself into a current roleplay where pokemon are and attempt to catch one or start your own topic. think of this as like the gameboy and ds games ive added a list of each town (these towns include the wood/mountains/ect in that area) so itll be my guess that the pokemon members will choose to go in areas their own pokemon will/ possibly be so that should give you ideas on where to go for what pokemon.
im sorry that you are currently the only trainer i am trying to convince my friends to join the site and ive asked other members to do the same (sadly without much luck)
i might make areas that will hold events later on but ill need to plan these out in advance before i do this, i cant say when ill get this done.
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Temporary Non-Player characters
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